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Gambling Hacks

We cover gambling hacks like card counting and other smart strategies, tips, and tricks that will help you to win more and lose less.

What is a Gambling Hack? Hacks are little life tricks that work. Unlike a fact or myth hacks are less about citations and statistics and more about bending the rules and little known secrets.

All hacks on this site are "white hat" meaning above board and without malicious intention.
  • Winning at Gambling is all about playing the best strategy you can and knowing what bets to take, how much to bet, and knowing when to walk away.
  • Most games have a “perfect strategy” this is a mathematically calculated strategy that will give you the best return (usually over time).
  • Generally gambling pros will often try to give you strategies that will win you money in the long run. You may want to use alternative strategies with lower overall returns if you have short term goals.
  • Always take bets with a low house edge.
  • There are two general types of games with a low house edge, those that pay out rarely and pay big, and those that pay out often and pay small. Ones that pay more often are a safer bet in the short term.
  • Know when to bet. Some games have odds that change based on factors, others don’t. On any game where odds change, you should bet higher when the odds are in your favor.
  • Knowing when to walk away isn’t just a catch phrase. Your odds of winning a minor jackpot are relatively high, your odds of winning a major jackpot are much lower.
  • Overtime you will lose at almost every game.  By understanding how a game works overtime you can understand when to walk away from the game.
  • With a basic understanding of statistics you can look at charts on most games and get a good idea of when to walk away from a game.
  • Statistics can tell you what the average player will win or lose over X amount of plays. It can also tell you how likely actual results will be different from that win or lose.
  • You can use statistical information to walk away when you statistically know the chances of winning more are slim, or to stay and bet more when the chances of winning more are high.
  • In order to understand the statistics behind knowing when to walk away or be more you need to understand gambling math terms.