About Facts on Gambling (fog)

Facts on Gambling (fog) is a website created by Dog Media Solutions (dog) co-owner Tom DeMichele (tom).

Facts on Gambling is not an official (dog) website and is a pet project of (tom).

The purpose to this site is to teach people the things I learned about gambling. Like other areas of life, gambling is all about knowing the hacks, facts, and myths. – (tom)

Who is (tom)?

Tom DeMichele is co-owner and CEO of (dog). He is the head content creator of (dog). Aside from (dog) he also helped to create this one company with this one guy once.

Gambling is just one hobby (tom) enjoys and the folks at (dog) have lots of hobbies and interests too. You never know what FACT site is going to pop-up next.

Who is (dog)?

(dog), otherwise known as Dog Media Solutions, is a web development company that focuses of creating free fact based informational websites. Our primary concerns are Truth, Justice, and Information. We always put the user first, that being said…

…We are a for-profit company (as in we use adverting to make money). We do not change our message based on advertisers or any sort of personal ideology. Facts are facts, they may have grey areas… but that is why we cite and discuss things, and open up that discussion to the public.

What Else Does (dog) Do?

Other sites created by (dog) include ObamaCareFacts.com (ocf) and VoterFraudFacts.com (vff). Our sites are related by facts, integrity, and the general idea that knowledge is power and that knowledge should be truthful and free.

That Sounds Awesome, Are You Hiring?

Glad you asked, we are always open to working with folks from around the internet who have web or writing skills and/or a desire to set the record straight. If that is you, you just may be the human we are looking for. Feel free to contact me.