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Top 10 Blackjack Tips

Here are our top 10 blackjack tips. These expert blackjack tips will ensure you get the best odds when playing blackjack.

  1. Count cards and bet based on the Count (optional)
  2. Know how many Aces are left in the deck. Aces increase your chances of getting blackjack. If you have access to a side-bet that favors blackjack. Take the side-bet when the deck is rich in aces and tens for a slightly risky, but high short term return.(optional)
  3. Never take side-bets (unless the count favors a side-bet)
  4. Assume the dealer has a 10
  5. Stand on 12 or higher if dealer is showing 6 or lower
  6. Hit on 12 or higher if dealer is showing 7 or higher
  7. Don’t split things that start with a “f” (fours, fives, faces) or 10s
  8. Always split Aces and 8s
  9. Always double down on 11
  10. Never double down on 8 or lower, or 13 or higher

Following the above rules you will increase your odds of winning substantially.

If haven’t learned at least basic card counting strategy and/or basic blackjack strategy, you should keep in mind the Casino will still have the edge and statistically you will lose money over time.

Simply following rules 3 – 10 to play better than the average BJ player and bring your edge pretty darn close to 50%.

You’ll break some of the rules when using perfect strategy and have mastered the count, but for now simply following the above will bring down a potential house edge of around 4% – 1% or less.