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Welcome to Facts on Gambling, your guide to everything related to casinos, gambling, and betting. We don’t sell anything, we are a free informational site.

Our focus is on you, not casinos or gambling gurus. You can use Facts on Gambling to find nearly every fact and statistic related to gambling, as well as “basic” and “perfect” strategies for everything from table games, to lotteries, to sports betting, to slots. If you can bet on it, we cover the strategies and odds. Our goal starts and stops with educating gamblers to help them decrease their risk.

Check out our list of Gambling Facts for a quick overview of everything you need to know before making a bet. If you don’t know the gambling strategy for a game you could be decreasing your chances of winning considerably.

We Only Cite the Best

Since we are a secondary source of information we will often simplify things and then point you at primary sources. For instance we may provide a simple explanation and how-to for basic blackjack strategy, but more often than not this will be paired with obvious citations to gambling greats like the Wizard of Odds (or to important institutions like the University of Las Vegas.)

The goal of our site is to show you where to look for gambling information, how to understand it, and most importantly what not to do. Our goal is to make your search for the mastery of gambling easier than ours was.

Table Game Facts

We cover everything from card counting for blackjack to perfect poker strategy. When more than one valid method exist, we will give you facts, opinions, how-to’s, and comparisons of each method.

Learn how the house edges of popular casino games stack up.

Slot Facts

Learn about the gamblers fallacy, how slot machines really work, and how to play smart to get the closest thing to a 50% house edge you can on slots. You’ll need to understand math terms related to gambling like frequency of return and return over time, choosing the right machine and knowing when to walk away are key to not losing at slots in the short term.

Get Help With Gambling Addiction

The fact is, the casino almost never offers a bet that has a long term edge in your advantage. Despite this many people risk more than they can afford to due to the physiological aspects of gambling. This site helps you gamble smart, for some of us that means learning how to cut back, manage our budget, or stay away from gambling all together.

We May Not Win, But We Can Lose Less

Please never misunderstand, due to the house edge and fallible nature of humans, you really are never going to walk away from the Casino a winner in the long run. Most people who are smart enough to break the rule will make more money applying those skills to other areas of life.

For the few who gamble professionally and do make money, we acknowledge your existence. Indeed other outliers like Keith Richards have also beaten the odds in an impressive way.

For the rest of us who gamble for fun, it’s time to get down to the gambling facts. Put on your amateur mathematician hat, and get some blank cue cards. It’s about to get nerdy.